Policies and Procedures

STUDIO 56 PHILOSOPHY: Our primary objective is to build self-esteem while creating talented dancers.  This program gives students the opportunity to express themselves and grow in a positive, challenging, and fun environment while participating in the Art of Dance.  Our goal is to encourage the development of important life skills- Teamwork, Dedication, Responsibility, Leadership, and Strong Self-Image.


MEMBERSHIP FEE:  A registration fee of $30 per individual, $45 for families is due annually at the time of enrolling for a new season, prorated amount due in other months.


TUITION:  Monthly tuition will be debited on the 1st of each month.  If you would prefer to pay cash on your account please set that up through the office.  Cash payment will be due by the 25th of the previous month or the card on file will be debited.  A $10 late fee will automatically be added to the amount of those accounts with an inactive or declined card.  In the event payment under this agreement is not made at the time and in the manner required, the undersigned agrees to pay all cost of collection, including court cost, attorney fees, including charges and collection agency fee which would be 35% of the balance assigned, with or without suit.

  • Studio 56 DOES NOT accept checks except for in a situation of a fundraiser.  A $25 returned check fee will be added to all checks returned due to insufficient funds.


NOTE: Tuition is based on a yearly calendar and pro-rated into equal monthly payments.  Holiday’s and studio breaks have already been considered. We CANNOT pro-rate absences or refund tuition.


To drop a class and cancel the recurring payment plan a form found in the waiting room has to be submitted 5 days before the 1st of the month or the card on file will be charged for the current charges.


COSTUMES:  Costumes and set payments or fees will be charged to your account on the noted due date.  Once again if you would like to have my account flagged for pre payment by CASH only, please contact Studio 56 regarding this matter.  If such matter has been arranged the amount will need to be paid 5 days before a fee is due, or the card on file will be charged on the due date with NO notice.  If payment is not received on the due date a $10 late fee will be added.


SCHEDULE:  Dancers are offered classes in Ballet, Jazz, Tumbling, and Hip-hop.  To help your child advance multiple classes are suggested.  Please refer to the schedule tab for class options for your child.


FOOTNOTES: Current newsletters are posted on the web at www.studio56dance.com and emailed the last week of each month.  Updates and reminders will also be emailed or delivered by the presidency phone tree.


AUDITION OPPORTUNITY:  We will hold an annual audition every summer. These auditions will place your child on a team appropriate for their level.  From this audition we will also form our COMPANY teams.  The director may move up students from STAR during the year.



    • REQUIRED Studio 56 class outfit, included is class leotard and bikers ($45).  
    • Will need pink tights for class, may need tan tights for performances
    • Pink ballet shoes (SuperSTARS and MegaSTARS will also need studio jazz shoes)
    • Hair should be pulled back from the face in a secure bun.  
    • REQUIRED to wear an assigned Studio 56 leo
    • pink tights over the foot
    • Ballet shoes must be worn
    • Your hair must be pulled back in a bun and away from the face
    • Girls: Leo and cheer shorts, dance top and bikers or a unitard Boys: basketball shorts, tank or t-shirt
    • Barefoot
    • Hair must be pulled back from face and neck
  • Hip Hop
    • Street clothes ONLY (no dance clothes)
    • Tennis shoes NON marking (NO black soles)
    • Any Dance attire is fine, leotard, tight are suggested.  
    • Every student will need a pair of PINK ballet shoes.  We will roll those over for performances.
    • Hair pulled back away from face


NOTE:  Footundeez must be of the nude color (matching skin tone) for performances.  You may however wear the patterned footundeez to class for practice. Footundeez, ballet shoes, tights, jazz pants and other accessories may also be ordered from the studio.  Parents I know dance shoes are expensive and footundeez are easy to miss place. Please have your child wear street shoes to and from the Studio to help them last longer.  Each child should write their name in them..


GROOMING:  Grooming is essential to our professional image both in class and at performance.  Dancers who feel beautiful behave beautifully.  Dancers are expected to wear correct class outfits and shoes and always have hair pulled back away from face (for ballet hair needs to be in a bun).  Dancers who are not dressed correctly may not be able to participate in class.  Dancers always wear Travel Suits to and from all performances.


ATTITUDE & DISCIPLINE:  Discipline and a positive attitude are key elements to any successful program.  Our STUDIO teaches excellent dance technique and valuable life skills while building self-esteem.  We use Assertive Discipline to teach dancers to manage their own behavior.  Parents and dancers must have a positive attitude towards the program, teachers and school.  Problems should be directed to Amy.  To insure that every student has a positive experience, the following class rules will be enforced:


STUDIO 56 Class Rules:

1. Always demonstrate a great attitude of enthusiasm, dedication, and willingness to work together as a team. Members of the company MUST be respectful to other company members, instructors and staff.

2. Always wear proper class attire. Will have ONE warning then will be asked to sit out

3. Always wear hair pulled away from the face in either a ponytail or a bun.

4. Never chew gum in class

5. Be punctual in arriving for class and performances.

6. Primping and talking will be done outside of class

7. Dancers must have instructors approval before leaving class

8. NO food is allowed in the studio


PARENTAL SUPPORT:  Studio 56 is respected as entertainment professionals.  To maintain this reputation, the Company/STAR program requires structured rules and promotes PROFESSIONAL DISCIPLINE.  It is imperative that we have parents who are supportive of their daughters and the program.  If any parents cause problems for the team or instructors, their daughter will be dismissed from the team. This can be and exciting opportunity for the ENTIRE FAMILY to meet many wonderful people, professional and personal, and be involved in the “glamour” of performing and traveling with the Company/STAR.  We invite you to become involved and enjoy the program as much as you daughter will!


PERFORMING: Performing is a wonderful opportunity for your child to demonstrate their accomplishments.  All performing STUDIO 56 members will follow the rules of professionalism.  The Director makes all final decision concerning who participates in performances.  Dancers have a variety of opportunities to perform during the year.  Dancers are expected to be at all performances and unless prior arrangements have been made with the director.


COMPETING:  Open enrollment classes are NON-competing classes.  For Competitive options please check out our Company teams.


CHRISTMAS/SPRING CONCERT: STAR and PRESCHOOL COMBO (depending on enrollment) generally perform in 2 Christmas shows a year. STAR/BALLET/PRESCHOOL/HIP HOP/TUMBLING will participate in our Spring Concert in June.  At this time extra practices may be required.  Additional fees such as costumes, entry fees and tickets sells will be applicable.

CHRISTMAS PERFORMANCE FEE: Tickets for the Festival of Trees or Dickens Festival and Dance for Life may be pre ordered each performer will need to purchase a minimum of 2 tickets to ea. Show in advance.  Additional tickets for family and friends may be purchased at this time.

SPRING PERFORMANCE PACKAGE: Every performer will be required to pay a concert bundle fee for the Spring Concert in June.  The Performance Package includes costumes, tickets, DVD, class picture and more.  You will receive more detailed information regarding this in your Membership handbook.


PICTURES: Class picture opportunities are offered at Christmas (possibly) and Spring (defiantly) performance times.  A variety of packages will be offered..  I give my consent to and authorize the use of any and all photographs which have been taken under Studio 56s program to be used towards advertising, promotions etc.


HOLIDAYS:  We observe the same holidays as public schools unless otherwise indicated.  Please post your Studio Holiday handout in a visible spot.  We will be closed for approximately 2wks at Christmas.


STUDIO POLICIES:  Studio 56 provides a beautiful and safe facility for our students to learn and grow.  The following policies help students learn respect, courtesy and keep our studio in excellent condition:

  1. NO FOOD OR DRINKS ALLOWED.  Bottled water may be kept in the waiting room.

ABSOLUTELY no food, drinks or gum in the dance room.

2. When dropping off or picking up your child, DO NOT park in the driveway or pull through and leave your vehicle unattended.  It stops traffic from flowing. Please wait for your child in your car or park in a designated area to pick up.  NO STUDENTS should be crossing the street.  Small children need to be picked up inside the lobby after class.  Please be sure to talk to your child about the safety of staying inside until their ride comes in to get them.

3 NEW STUDIO POLICY-At the end of the younger classes we will be walking the children out front where they will need to be picked up in the pull through circle.  They will remain with a staff member until a parent/pick up person comes.  At this time we will assist them to your car.  Please be on time, our staff needs to return to class promptly.  If you need to come in to pick up your child please park accordingly to help the curbside pick up run smoothly.

4. Please have students arrive 5-10 minutes prior to the start of their class.  This will insure that no class time is wasted.  Students must be picked up within 15 minutes of the end of class.  Students are never left alone.  If any staff member has to wait for students to be picked up after the studio closes, there is a $10 charge for every 5 minutes.  PLEASE BE PUNCTUAL!!

5. Students are expected to pick up after themselves, keep all personal items in bags and display respect and courtesy to all studio property, fellow students and staff.  Put names on everything!!!

6. Parent observation is the last lesson of the month.  You may video tape or record music for home practice if you would like.