Fundraising Opportunities

It is time for our Spring Fundraiser to help contribute to your account for recital expenses, tuition, or even the Disneyland performance for our performing company dancers!  Order forms are attached, and will be available at the studio. Make sure you go home with one at your next class!

  • SALE ENDS: Friday, April 14th
    • Turn into your teacher that week. Or West Murray is open 9-12noon and 4-6pm on the due date
  • DELIVERY: Oranges- April 26th, First Aid-TBA


Farm Fresh Oranges will be purchased from farmers in Idaho and delivered straight to us!  They are sold in 20 lb boxes.

First Aid Kits You are selling several types of first aid kits, including kits for camping, for pets, for home, sports, auto, and even businesses!


  • Please have all checks made payable to yourself and submit only one check payable to Studio 56 Dance Center with your order.  **Any checks turned in from someone other than the dancer’s Family will be returned to you and not counted towards your total.**
  • All money must be collected at the time of sale.
  • Turn in ALL money/ or one check (made out to Studio 56 Dance Center) AND your completed order forms by Friday, April 14th.
  • Your Order Forms will be returned to you so you can distribute your products.
  • Sell to Family Members, Co-workers, Friends, & Neighbors!

Dancers earn a profit of:

  • $10 for every box of oranges sold.
  • 40% for first aid kits sold
  • Profits will be credited to accounts for May.

Order forms must be completely filled out. Make sure you have product totals at the bottom of each column and order totals at the end of each row.  Please double and triple check that your totals are correct!  Forms that are filled out incorrectly, late, or incomplete will have a $5 processing charge subtracted from your credit.

Want to get a head start before your next class? Click the PDF order forms below:

Farm Fresh Oranges

First Aid brochure

First Aid order form